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About Us

Giving utmost importance to customer, supplier and emloyee satisfaction, Caris offers top quality products and service. It is our primary target to be an enterprise that guarantees sustainability and trustworthiness as well as being environmentally-conscious and socially beneficial. We adopt making a difference in favor of our customers and meeting their needs with our quality products and services as our main principle.

Since 1997…

The foundations of Caris Sandalye was laid in 1997 in Bayrampasa under the leadership of our board chairman Şenol Çalgıcı. Working only in the wholesale of wooden and painted chairs in the beginning, Caris extended its range and started the production of tables and table legs in the year 2000. Establishing its production platforms in Arnavutköy in 2007 and moving on to the production of chairs, tables, table legs and various metal and wooden products, Caris has been delivering products to numerous restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels.

Keeping up with the latest technological developments and renovating its machinery accordingly, Caris Sandalye takes the right steps towards its target in the market. Since 2007, it has been providing services in Arnavutköy with its 12.000 m2 production area and qualified staff.

Caris Sandalye currently carries on its activities in Istanbul, Izmit, Afyon and Bursa by means of its 8 branches and distributors. Exporting predominantly to European, Balkan and Middle-Eastern markets, Caris contributes to Turkish economy.